Dreamicus: Discover The Meanings of Your Dreams

It is a very idealistic time in your life where you can envision possibilities that you would not normally entertain, and this allows you to act with a sense of destiny. On a negative side, you can be drawn into taking greater risks than usual this year.

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Money is a very big issue this year - not so much a worry, but you will have to be financially savvy in terms of investments, pensions, insurance and taxes. Financial planning is something you should devote some time to.

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2016 is terrific for fitness goals, and you are likely to sign up for sporting events and social exercise classes. You are not just mentally active, but also physically active and enthusiastic about physical challenges, i.e. fitness or losing weight.

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Relationships (love, business and social) are both a catalyst for change and a forum for personal development and greater understanding this year. All interactions with others will be complex and challenging in 2016.

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Leo are not always typically Leo, as shyness is very much part of Leo and many only blossom later in life when they come out of themselves and assume the limelight in terms of leadership or before the public.

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In 2016, Virgo will show far more guile and can be more gregarious in new scenarios; both socially and regarding career. You will be able to embrace change and face new beginnings with more confidence and leadership.

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Jupiter in Libra will bring excitement and change into your life with the chance to meet new people and learn many interesting things. Your ability to negotiate, communicate and co-ordinate others is enhanced.

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2016 is a year of discovery - you will find out more about your desires, your personality, your beliefs and your latent talents than you expect to. 2016 is not humdrum; it's full of awareness of the universe and your unique life plan.

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This is a time of responsibility and hard work to ensure a successful climax to projects and to make sure you salvage as much as you can from what has not worked out. You will have less freedom as you cannot run away from things or delegate.

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One negative manifestation of the energies this year is the activation of your stubbornness; you can be your own worst enemy by digging in and remaining blind to the obvious. You are given a golden opportunity to change the things in your life.

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This is a very good time to initiate creative projects, especially those that are highly provocative, controversial, emotive or sensitive. This year favours writing, art, playwriting, etc., that pushes boundaries and aims to shock.

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Marital relationships are in general very productive and mutually supportive – you will both help each other in your careers and success for one of you may well help the other to gain contacts and also achieve faster.

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Dreams are wonderful in so many ways!

They not only help clear unconscious emotional blockages and enhance our awareness, but miraculously also guide us with beautiful messages, premonitions, and unique wisdom. The adventures we embark on during our nightly dream voyages can feel as real as events out of an ordinary day, or as remote and foreign as though we were in a different time and place altogether. Some dreams help us with just the right guidance needed at a particular point in time. Other dreams help us foresee events in the future that we could never have predicted in waking life, or we may even dream about an event happening simultaneously in another part of the world. Yet we are still inside our mind the whole time... or are we...?

Even though most of our dreams relate to our own personal circumstances, we sometimes dream about life issues, situations, people, or maybe even places or dimensions we have never heard about. Or we get urgent premonitions that don't relate to our own life in any way. If we were truly inside our own mind the whole night, how could we possibly receive all this information? According to the late Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, when we dream, we tap into the collective unconscious. Jung described the collective unconscious as a shared field that connects us all, even beyond the limits of time and space. This field can also be likened to the notion of an astral plane, or the Eastern understanding of an underlying Tao.

Even if you don't always remember your dreams, you can probably think of at least a few occasions when you woke up and couldn't help but wonder why you just had such a strange dream. We often draw on material from the astral plane or the collective unconscious to help make sense of our own lives, and sometimes we even get insights that stretch our understanding of the Universe!

Context of symbols

No doubt, you have figured out by now that the key to symbolism is context. One single symbol can have a hundred different meanings in a hundred different dreams. Context is everything.

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Warning dreams

Warnings are usually given in dreams by the use of signs and symbols that you personally will recognize, what is noticed as a warning in one person's dream could be different for someone else.

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The Science of Dreams

Our Creator made us to sleep and to dream. Even though some people claim they do not dream, science indicates that we all dream approximately three to five dreams per night, up to seven in some cases.

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