The meaning of the dream symbol: Alcohol

Alcohol needs time to fully mature and this can help you understand that it is time that you developed a mature approach to your life. You will inevitably have do this anyway.
If you are offered drink in your dream but you are unsure of the actual contents of the drink then this will represent how you are unsure or uneasy about what is being offered to you in your life at the moment, you are not confident it is a genuine offer and worry about the effect on you if you accept.

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It depends on your own attitude to alcohol to fully translate this dream, guilty pleasures, excess, or just letting your hair down once in a while.

Food and drink in dreams symbolizes the nourishment you receive from other people or how fulfilled you are, so if you are given a celebratory drink it could be that you are in for a merry and successful time to celebrate.

The message or your thinking is unclear or diluted; may suggest you're looking for an easy out or a way to avoid reality; can represent a party or partying; may represent or indicate an alcoholic or substance abuse.

Alcohol is the material synthesis of fire and water. In the words of Bachelard, Brandy, or eau-de-vie, is also eau-de-feu or fire-water.

Alcohol symbolizes the vital spark struck from the union of the opposite elements of Fire and Water.

It symbolizes both the flame of life and the spark of creative genius. Not only does it stimulate the latent within the spirit, but, as Bachelard observes, it actually creates. ‘It incorporates itself, so to speak, within that which is striving to express itself. It becomes evident that alcohol is a creator of language... Bacchus is a beneficent god; by causing our reason to wander he prevents the anchylosis of logic and prepares the way for rational inventiveness’.

The ambivalence of alcohol betrays its twofold origin. ‘The alcohol of Hoffmann is the alcohol which flames up; it is marked by the wholly qualitative and masculine sign of fire. The alcohol of Poe is the alcohol that submerges and brings forgetfulness and death; it is the wholly quantitative and feminine sign of water’.