The meaning of the dream symbol: Alien

1. A person of foreign appearance or encountered in a foreign land may represent some part of the psyche which is unfamiliar to you. You will need to get acquainted with that 'foreign' part of yourself if you are to realize a happiness or satisfaction that has so far eluded you. The first step, of course, is to identify the ‘alien’: what part of you is it that has been neglected and is now courting your attention?
The foreigner may symbolize the whole of your unconscious psyche, rather than a particular part of it.

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2. Journeying to or in a foreign country may represent an inner journey, an exploration of the unconscious, the not yet discovered or integrated realm of your being. No matter how advanced you are in self-exploration, if you are still exploring you are still entering foreign territory.

If the foreign country in the dream is one you have visited in real life, the significance of its appearance in your dream may lie in what you associate with that country or what feelings you have about it. Of course, the same could apply even if the country was one you had never been to, so long as that country had particular associations for you.

3. What is ‘alien’ in the sense of 'unfamiliar' often carries emotional overtones of 'alien' in the sense of ‘enemy'. Getting acquainted with the 'enemy', however, will result in making the (potential or actual) enemy a friend. There is no part of your psyche that will harm you so long as it is not neglected or repressed. If you learn to love yourself - the whole of yourself, all your components - you will have no internal enemies.

The alien may not be an adversary at all, but a helper. It may be that your alter-ego has something of value to offer you, if only you will be courteous and hospitable to this hitherto neglected part of yourself.

Aliens can be used in dream language to represent the unknown. A new situation or person is alien to you; perhaps you need to gain a better understanding of what you are dealing with.

This dream can also be spiritually translated and symbolize the journey into the unknown and the discoveries that you make while on a spiritual journey.

Being abducted by aliens simply explains how you feel as though your life has been taken over by outside forces or that new unfamiliar responsibilities have taken over your current set up, this situation is unique and you need to adapt quickly before you are consumed by the negative build-up of fear which is created by dealing with the unknown.

  • We only fear the things that we do not understand!

May represent the unknown; some idea or person that is different or foreign to you; may indicate a foreign visitor or travel to a foreign land; may indicate messages from an unknown source; may indicate presence of, or belief in, other planetary or spiritual beings;