The meaning of the dream symbol: Apple

In Greek mythology the image of the apple is symbolic of sexual awareness. In the Judea-Christian world, the apple continues to be the representation of human sin based upon the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Both of these interpretations are valid. Other focused elements in the dream landscape containing the "apple" will readily reveal the significance of the "forbidden fruit". Incidently, this fruit is taken from the tree of "wisdom", which the apple also represents. We see this in the Hemetic expression of ‘Opening ones eyes, and suddenly seeing the whole world around oneself.’

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An apple in a dream carries the interpretation of:

A royal gift or reward if red.

An offspring if green.

Illness and suffering if yellow and sour.

Profit from a businessman if white.

Split between a couple if sees to cut a white apple into two pieces.

Birth of a baby girl for him if sees to pluck a red apple from a tree and eat it.

An apple in a dream refers to a communication or message from a missing man or someone who is away from the dreamer. If the fruit is sour, the news will be bad. If sweet, the news will be good.

An apple in a dream is interpreted as job hunting and searching in a particular field of interest; for a:

Farmer, it is his gardening and farming. King, it signifies his kingdom and reign.

Trader, it is his business and trade.

If sees to grab an apple and eat a piece or two of it, he exhibits care and diligence for his own job or business in proportion to the amount of apple eaten.

There are eight interpretations of an apple in a dream: 1. Child. 2. Benefit. 3. Disease. 4. Female slave. 5. Blessings and wealth. 6. Rule. 7. Courage and endurance. 8. Word from an absent or present man.

Need for vitamins; as in "an apple a day keeps the doctor away," represents health or the need for healthy eating; as in the Bible's Adam and Eve, the forbidden fruit, something that is tempting and dangerous; as in Sleeping Beauty, that which is poisoned.