Dreams from the Enemy

Dreams from the Enemy

Make no mistake about it – your enemy, the devil, is prowling around like a roaring lion looking to devour you. It does not matter whether we are awake or asleep, his quest is relentless.

Dreams from the enemy have telltale signs. Oftentimes, they are dark, without color or light, and drenched with fear-evoking images and experiences. Many times after these sorts of dreams, the dreamer is left feeling intense negative emotions and/or like he has been "slimed". The aftereffects of the dream are directly associated with the initial purpose of it.

You have a destiny and a God-given purpose on the earth, and the enemy will do everything possible to make you to believe otherwise. He can't stop you, but he will speak lies to keep you from believing the truth of what God says about you.

Scripture says to draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. But did you know this can work with the enemy, too? If we draw near to the enemy, he will drawer near to us.

Before evil can enter our life, it must first have a door. When you watch, read, or listen to dark material, you open doors to allow evil influences into your life. Not long after "vampire romance" books and movies debuted, young girls came to me with dreams about vampires chasing them, trying to bite them, or turning their friends into other vampires. Before commenting on their dream, I first asked whether they were watching vampire movies or reading the books. (The answer was nearly always yes.) I explained the dream to them and cautioned them about continuing to entertain themselves with the blood lore. I explained that vampires crave blood, and how opening the door to this bloodlust can later manifest in cutting, harming oneself, or romanticizing death.

Some people deliberately open themselves up for dark dreams and welcome them. Stephen King (horror novelist) finds inspiration for his novels in dreams. In an interview with Stan Nicholls, King discussed his inspiration for Misery that came through a dream.

The enemy can influence your dreams, especially if you are involved in willful, open sin of any kind. For instance, when a dreamer is involved in the occult, the enemy has open access to his or her life. Other examples are lust of the flesh, which can cause X-rated dreams, and bitterness, which can cause dreams about hurting people.

More than likely, after having an enemy dream, you will spend a lot of effort trying to get it out of your mind. However, do not discard them too hastily because they can reveal the enemy's perception of your weaknesses and his plans of attack on your life. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help you close and lock any open doors in your life.