Dreams from the Soul

Dreams from the Soul

Because soul dreams come from our mind, will, emotions, and/or flesh, and lack the spiritual connection you have with God, they do not come bearing heavenly messages for interpretation. However, these dreams are not completely useless to us because they can reveal the status of our heart and intentions, and reveal sin in our lives. Do not be too hasty discarding them until you mine them for possible gold.

When something is on our mind or is repetitive in our life, it can show' up in dreams. In today's society, busyness and preoccupation run rampant through the lives of many people. The things that consume us during the day, including the things we set forth with our own words, can haunt us in the night. The Bible says that "a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool's voice is known by multitude of words." When we have these sorts of mind-driven dreams, we need to ask ourselves what is occupying our mind, especially in the places that should be filled with thoughts toward God.

Sometimes our will for something can be so strong, and almost obsessive, that it can affect our dreams. Probably the most common dreams that are brought on by our desires are sexual ones. While some sexual dreams are healthy and not sinful (for example, dreaming of relations with a spouse), most sexual dreams reveal unresolved and lingering sin in our lives. Regardless of the nature of the will-driven dream, it can provide information as to what our hearts are set upon. After all, where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Emotions are a very powerful force for causing dreams. For example, when my sister passed away at an early age, I was filled with extreme sorrow over her untimely death. For weeks, I dreamed nearly every night about her. The dreams were strange; they did not flow from scene to scene, but instead, were fragmented, like a puzzle with pieces missing. She was often in her casket or lying in a bed sleeping. As time went by, the dreams eased up and eventually stopped. I understood throughout the entire process that I was working through a deep grief. Although emotion-driven dreams can be overwhelming, they can reveal feelings that the dreamer needs to deal with.

Dreams caused by our flesh are brought on by things such as hunger, drugs, or pregnancy. Once while I was fasting and praying, I dreamed I was eating fresh, hot, delicious pizza. This was a dream straight from my hungry soul. Drugs and alcohol have multiple pathways for influencing our dreams. They can directly affect our brain or interfere with our sleep cycles (especially REM). Many medications, especially anesthesia, can induce crazy dreams. Have you ever heard of someone coming out of anesthesia picking at imaginary bugs or something equally bizarre? Pregnancy is interesting because not only do the mother's hormones affect her dreams, but also, the baby itself does. After about seven months into development, the baby starts to dream, and many women report a change in their own dreams as a result.