Journaling Your Dreams

Journaling Your Dreams

If you receive a lot of dreams, it is always a good idea to journal them and to pray over them. You may see the dream come true the next day, or you may see it come true five years down the road.

The importance of journaling is so that you can look back and see the instructions God has been giving you. It is always good to keep looking back on them. For instance, you may come upon the time when the dream is starting to come to true. Well, then there maybe some more revelation in that dream that God gave you to unlock more understanding for what is now taking place in your life. The dreams will guide and direct for when the time comes for them to come alive. And they will come to life eventually!

Also, it is good to journal so you can remember where God has brought you and where He is going to take you. It is kind of like painting a picture and then stepping backwards to see the whole picture.

It is good also to look back on things that God was trying to teach you in dreams also. It helps to keep them as a reminder.

If you don't journal your dreams, you will not see them all spring forth into life like flowers do in the spring time. You will miss out on this incredible experience with God!

Recalling your dreams:

It is very important to try to recall every dream you have. Here are some things to remember when waking up in the morning:

  • Never get out of bed fast!
  • Lay in your bed awake for at least ten minutes to let your dreams come back to your memory. This really does help!
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help you recall your dreams from the night.

When you journal your dreams, write down these things:

  1. The date of the dream (this is a must!)
  2. Write down every detail of the dream that you can remember. Sometimes even the smallest details matter.
  3. Write down a title to the dream. For instance; what was the whole theme? A title puts it all together and helps develop a foundation.
  4. Write down how you felt and what you think this may be speaking about.
  5. Pray about it and then write down the interpretation if you get it. You may not get the interpretation till later, and that's okay too!

Sometimes interpretations don't always come because the dream is way too heavily coded. The only way to fully understand a dream that is heavily coded is until after the event or situation happens. Then you will be able to look back on the dream and see how God was speaking to you for the season of your life. This should give you further direction for that new time period.

Future dreams and revelation from God can unlock past dreams! But if you haven't written down your dreams in an organized fashion, how will you be able to go back and unlock them? Journaling is the first step in going in the right direction! If you are responsible with the dreams that God does give you, and you treat them like jewels, then He will bless you with more! If you toss jewels away and don't treasure them, why would you be given many more?

More important things to remember after a dream:

  1. Do not get anxious or worry over the dream. Especially if you have a dream that your child dies. It could all be symbolism!
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit to direct you to the dreams meaning.
  3. Search out how God speaks in symbolism (His patterns of how He speaks through the Bible and help with biblical symbol dictionaries).
  4. Ask what areas of my life is the Lord trying to fix, direct, or shed light on?
  5. Does anything in the dream bring to your attention what you may be going through at the moment? If not then it may be for a future time period.
  6. It is also good to figure out if the dream is about you or someone else. A good starting to point is to always assume the dream is about you, most of the time they are. Only sometimes, they are not.

Even if you are interacting with someone else in the dream, if their life situation speaks of your life situation, then they are still symbolic of you. It really depends on what God is trying to bring to your attention. So you have to ask, is this person's situation similar to mine?

Remember it doesn't sometimes matter if you are talking with them in the dream and interacting with them. It only matters about what is the whole theme symbolic of?

If you know for sure that the dream is not about you, then it has been given to pray for the person, or to bring caution to you about them or a situation that may come about.