The meaning of the dream symbol: Balloon

The balloon is a double-archetype of childhood innocence and total freedom. Therefore, there can be negative associations with the balloon symbolizing children who are so ‘free’ that they are left alone and placed into jeopardy. Supporting this approach is the fragile nature of the balloon which can ‘burst’ or become ‘lost’ at any time. However, notwithstanding its apparent and perhaps misleading vulnerability, the balloon primarily illustrates merriment, mirth and brightly colored emotional jubilation.

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A hot-air balloon in the sky may symbolize either (a desire for) freedom from the problems associated with your daily existence, or the achieving of an objective, detached or more spiritual view of things.

Coloured party balloons may symbolize rejoicing and happiness: something to celebrate.

Balloons can symbolize your hopes and dreams rising up to the heavens, if you lose sight of the balloons in your dream it is because you have lost sight of the dreams and hopes that you once cherished. Balloons also link with celebrations and happy times so enjoy them while they are around. Translate the colors of the balloons to help with the symbolism.

A balloon bursting can symbolize how your hopes and dreams can be extinguished really quickly and without warning.

• Going Bust.

Hot air balloon

Riding in a hot air balloon is a way for you to ride above your current problems and see them for how small they really are, but if there is a problem with the air balloon in your dream then you fear crashing back down to earth even when you do manage to escape from your problems. This comes from the feeling that if you don't worry about something then you won't be prepared, so you constantly worry just in case.