The meaning of the dream symbol: Bicycle

A bicycle is a single passenger mode of travelling and requires you to use a different set of instincts than driving a motor vehicle, this helps you understand that the next part of your journey needs to be done alone and requires you to be stronger and more organised than you have needed to be in the past. The next phase will also require that you find inner balance so that you can ride smoothly over and through any obstacles that you meet on your way.

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A bicycle offers an alternative way of getting along during the next phase of your journey through life. You need to put in a little extra effort to move forward, increase your motivation and drive to propel yourself in the direction you wish to take.

There is a certain amount of freedom and enjoyment that can be gained from using a bicycle as a means of transport, in the same way that there are benefits to being single or working alone. Travel dreams occur when we need to move forward with our life and the transport that we use in a dream represents the help we need in order to make that progress, a bicycle requires you to use your own energy. Transport also helps to explain how quickly you need to move things along and if things are moving too fast or not fast enough, a bike is an ideal symbol to explain this situation to you.

• The freedom and peace of going it alone.

Bicycles often make their appearance in contemporary dreams. They suggest three characteristics.

1. Asa means of transport bicycles differ from other vehicles, in that they owe their motion to their riders whereas others depend upon an outside force for their motion. Forward progress is determined solely and exclusively of any other source of energy by the rider’s personal and individual efforts.

2. Balance can only be maintained by forward motion, just as in the development of the external or inner life.

3. Only one person at a time can ride a bicycle - tandems are a separate subject.

Since the machine itself symbolizes evolutionary progress, dreamers ‘mount’ their unconscious and develop through their own inner resources without ‘losing the pedals’ by inertia, neurosis or infantilism. They can count upon themselves as independent people, assuming the appropriate personality and unbeholden to anyone else in their development.

On rare occasions in dreams the bicycle is an indicator of real or psychological isolation brought about by excessive introversion, egocentricity or an individualism which inhibits social integration. It corresponds to a need for normal independence.