Dreams starting with A


An abyss may symbolize impending danger, real or imagined. In either case the important thing is that the dream is expressing your anxiety. Look for anything in your present life situation - at home or at work - that may have triggered off anxiety. Otherwise, and especially if this sort of dream is recurring, look inside yourself for the causes of your anxiety.


There is a duality in the Acrobat dream figure based on the skill of the acrobat. If the acrobat is bungling and falters in her performance risking harm to either herself, her fellow performers, or the audience itself, a deep distrust in ones own abilities is being expressed rather colorfully. The indication of this illustrious symbol is an apparent lack of discipline in ones own life.

Adam and Eve

This biblical figure may represent moral guilt and a metaphoric fall from grace. However, the complexity of the dualistic nature of male and female is also explored in this dynamic archetype. Crucial in the understanding of this dream is the temporal element involved in its re-enactment.


According to traditional cosmogony, one of the four elements. Like Fire, it is male and active, while the other elements, Earth and Water, are held to be passive and female. While the nature of the two latter is considered material, that of Air is spiritual. The element of Air is linked symbolically with wind and breath.


The aircraft supplements the symbolic attributes of the automobile with that of levitation, in the same relationship as that of pegasus to the horse. It might therefore be said that its flight expresses a spiritual aspiration, namely individual release of the Earth-bound ego by escape to the purifying reaches of the upper air.


It depends on your own attitude to alcohol to fully translate this dream, guilty pleasures, excess, or just letting your hair down once in a while. Alcohol needs time to fully mature and this can help you understand that it is time that you developed a mature approach to your life. You will inevitably have do this anyway.


A person of foreign appearance or encountered in a foreign land may represent some part of the psyche which is unfamiliar to you. You will need to get acquainted with that 'foreign' part of yourself if you are to realize a happiness or satisfaction that has so far eluded you. The first step, of course, is to identify the 'alien'.


If the person sees to be having almonds in his hands, he gets sustenance and livelihood equivalent to the number of almonds, albeit after some difficulty. At the same time, some dream interpreters say that almonds refer to knowledge and healing from illness. In addition, seeing a shelled almond is a good sign.

Almond Tree

The almond is one of the first trees to flower in the Spring and is therefore the sign of the rebirth of nature and of careful watching for the first signs of Spring. It is also the symbol of transience, since its blossom comes out so early that it is susceptible to late frosts. It is the symbol of Attis.


Is the angel in your dream a guardian angel, well disposed towards you and perhaps offering you help or protection? If so, see it as a propitious sign, or as a symbol of something in your (as yet) unconscious psyche that can remove obstacles and advance your progress towards fulfilment and happiness.


Parents may appear in dreams in the guise of animals. The animal will then usually be a focus for the dreamer's ambivalent - love-hate - feelings towards the parent. For example, a spider or a cat may signify the threatening aspect of a mother from whose influence you need to liberate yourself.


The image of the Ant denotes hard work and a practical focus toward a difficult goal. However, if the poor, little ant confronts insurmountable obstacles, for example, a mighty river or deep canyon in its path, we may be witnessing a symbolic fear. This fear may involve ones tangible ability to provide for oneself, or moreover, ones family.


The worship of this most seductively beautiful goddess originated in Asia, spread to countless shrines in Greece and centred upon Cythera. Aphrodite sprang from the seed of ouranos (Uranus, the Heavens), scattered upon the sea when Ouranos was castrated by his son, Cronos - hence the legend of the birth of Aphrodite from sea-spume.


The Apocalypse is first and foremost a revelation which bears upon mysterious realities; next it is prophetic, since these realities are in time to come; last of all it is a vision and the scenes and the numbers are so many symbols. The language of apocalyptic writing is richly symbolic.


An apple in a dream carries the interpretation of: a royal gift or reward if red; an offspring if green; illness and suffering if yellow and sour; profit from a businessman if white; split between a couple if sees to cut a white apple into two pieces; birth of a baby girl for him if sees to pluck a red apple from a tree and eat it.

Ash Tree

To the Greeks of the time of Hesiod, the ash-tree was the symbol of stability. In the famous myth of the degeneration of mankind, the ash-tree engenders 'the race of bronze, far different from the race of silver, born of the ash-tree, awe-inspiring and mighty'. Ash was the wood used for spear-shafts.


Although there is an allusion to death in its symbolism, the predominant meaning of Ashes seems to be change. We are witnessing thoughts which are scattered into new worlds and transfigurations without any regret. Ashes symbolize a spiritual 'letting go' of the fire of suffering, found in an all too real human mortality.


An Axe helps you to chop things into smaller chunks, perhaps you can deal with things better that way. If you are being chased by someone with an axe then they are trying to break the connection that you have had. Breaking problems down into a manageable size. Something is getting the chop or needs to be disconnected.