Dreams starting with B


The baby may represent your own vulnerability, or your need for love. This applies to both men and women. When the 'baby' within you - the hurt, frustrated self - cries out, it is very difficult to look at yourself objectively, but an effort must be made to see this frightened or rejected child as a part of yourself that needs your love.


The balloon is a double-archetype of childhood innocence and total freedom. Therefore, there can be negative associations with the balloon symbolizing children who are so 'free' that they are left alone and placed into jeopardy. Supporting this approach is the fragile nature of the balloon which can 'burst' at any time.


The Basement archetype often refers to our Unconscious, which stores within its unknown depths, the long file of our living memories, some of which may be unpleasant and entirely repressed. In our dreams we may experience unspeakable horrors which seem to be hiding in our Unconscious basement.


It depends if the basket if full, overloaded or empty for a clearer translation. A bag or basket can symbolize the recourses that you have available to you or the baggage that you carry around which has become a burden. Like other receptacles and hollow things, a basket may be a symbol of the feminine.


The bat as winged creature, refers to ones erratic state of mind and the distinct danger associated with that kind of unsteady 'focus in ones everyday consciousness'. The Bat (as baseball stick) symbolizes hitting for glory, and otherwise, attempting to 'score' or 'win' some critical game. The 'game' itself is symbolic of life.


The Beard is symbolic of virility, strength and vigor. However, the beard can also represent a mask, or something to hide behind. Therefore, it is crucial to understand why the person in the dream wears the beard. If the man is a stranger and the dreamer is attracted to him, it may represent a desire to return to a natural.


Beer brewed by Gobniu, smith of the gods, was called 'the drink of kings', while Medb, the name of the Queen of Connaught, who personified the Lordship of Ireland, also had the connotation of drunkenness. Enormous amounts of beer were drunk by the warrior caste at major festivals and especially at Samain, celebrated on 1 November.


A Bell usually signifies a call to order, command or warning. In a dream, a ringing bell illustrates a signal by the Unconscious to be 'prepared' for whatever will happen next, either in the dream or in real life itself. If there is a significant occurrence in the dream after the ringing of the bell, analyze its meaning thoroughly.


A bicycle offers an alternative way of getting along during the next phase of your journey through life. You need to put in a little extra effort to move forward, increase your motivation and drive to propel yourself in the direction you wish to take. A bicycle is a single passenger mode of travelling.


A bird may represent the sweet directness and simplicity of Nature, unpretentious and contented 'is-ness'. In this case, your dream may be telling you what you need to make room for in your life and in your fundamental attitudes. It may be that the bird signifies an entry into, or an invitation to enter, realms of spiritual power.