Dreams starting with D


The first comparison to be made with the day is that of a regular succession of events - birth, growth, maturity and decline. If some point in the sky above is taken for reference - the eastern horizon, for example, since this is the most important aspect of any horoscope and is termed the 'ascendant' by astrologers.


In a dream, to witness the image of ones own corpse, may be a very extreme, yet entirely effective, Unconscious illustration of deep and personal loss. However, this termination, or loss, is not necessarily negative. In life, a person may 'lose' a dependency, such as drug addiction. Similarly, a person may 'lose' a narcissistic point of view.


In a dream, alone Deer depicts innocence, frailty and natural beauty. In the symbolic sense, the Unconscious may be illustrating a dire need to protect a precious quality in ourselves or someone close to us. If however, the deer is a large stag with great pointed horns, the representation is one of freedom, independence and virility.


In dreams, Demons may represent the seemingly paradoxical embodiment of our fears and desires. As such, demons are voices from deep inside ourselves, which appear in our consciousness when we are faced with moral decisions. These decisions usually involve the consequences of personal ethics.


In a dream, the Desert landscape may symbolize a cessation of psychological or emotional growth. The difficulty of desert travel, replete with intense heat, uneven terrain and lack of water are key signs of emotional stagnation. We may feel dry and incomplete in a one-sided relationship where our sentiments of love (heat) are not reciprocated.


The Devil in our dreams may refer to decision making which directly involves our moral basis of reality. We must ask ourselves whether we are seduced by this demon (representative of some form of worldly gain,) or terrified by its intentions. Based on this, we may be able to determine in which direction our own Unconscious seems to lean.


Generally speaking the symbolism of dew is closely akin to that of rain, but its influence is of a more subtle order. 'The waters which spring from the heart,' wrote Callixtus II Xanthopoulos, 'fill the entire inner being with divine dew.' 'The pearly dew of the noble godhead' of which Angelus Silesius writes has a similar significance.


The Diver dream may be a visual representation of the link between the Unconscious and conscious mind. A diver retains air by holding his or her breath, or by utilizing the proper scuba equipment, or other breathing apparatus. The air in this sense embodies the surface, or conscious world, which 'remains' with us.


In a dream, a Dog may represent a number of complex emotions, including fear, friendship, loyalty and obedience. A dreamer needs to completely determine the color, demeanor and intentions of the dog and compare these characteristics with the landscape encircling the animal.


Nowadays the donkey symbolizes obstinate stupidity, but this is only a special and subsidiary aspect of a much more general concept which almost universally makes the ass the emblem of darkness and even of devilish propensities. In India the donkey is the steed of gods, but these are exclusively death-gods, especially Nairrita.


Since a Door is both an exit and an entrance, and can deny passage as well as welcome a person through its threshold, its symbolism is entirely dependent on its working status. Is the dreamer locked out, and refused (therefore,) passage into potential change; or are doors opening automatically.


In the Eastern (and especially Chinese) tradition, a Dragon symbolized hope, love and energetic spiritual flight. While on the other hand, and rather quite conversely,) in the Western tradition, the Dragon represented lust, aggression and a haphazard ruin of sensible order.


Clothes are the external symbols of spiritual potency. Despite this, the symbol may become a simple sign which destroys the reality when dress is mere uniform unconnected with personality. Dress indicates membership of a body with a specific character, be it the church, army, navy or the law.