Dreams starting with E


The ancient Eagle archetype embodies flying alone in ones spiritual awareness of strength, freedom and purity. Consequently, the symbol is, and has been, used to motivate great warriors, tribes and nations. In a dream image, we may be expressing a need to fly above our temptations and worldly aspirations, to enter instead.


The soil of our birth and the clay of our formal existence, only partially reveal the symbol of mother Earth. The earth beneath our feet and towering above us in mountain ranges represents the entire cradle, running field and closing haven of humanity. In the dream sense we must constantly analyze the earth and our position.


The meeting of two levels of awareness, one negating the other, may be symbolically expressed in the Eclipse image. The Unconscious may be warning us that we have shut out some person or situation in favor of another, without thinking about the repercussion of our selective behavior. Do you feel that you are in eclipse, in decline?


The Elephant is symbolic of power, single-minded determination and exaggerated memory. As such, yet in an extreme sense, the elephant may represent the blind rage of vengeance, enacted as retaliation for some 'past' insult or injury. However, in a dream, an elephant primarily epitomizes will-power and fierce tenacity.


Central Americans regarded the emerald, which they associated with rain, as a pledge of fertility. The Aztecs called it quetzalitzli and associated it with the quetzal, the bird with long green plumage which was a symbol of the seasonal renewal of Spring. Emeralds were distinguished from green jade in that, unlike the latter.


The dream of life Eternal, may involve a witnessing of life in CRITICAL transition, especially the life of others. This may imply that we are either stuck or stolid in our worldly perception. Eternity symbolizes whatever is limitless in terms of duration.


Evil manifestations in dreams will nearly always represent something in yourself. Don't be offended: there is evil in everyone. What needs to be understood is that the same psychic forces may be good or evil - that is, they may work constructively or destructively.


The eye may be a symbol of wisdom; knowledge, perceptiveness. If someone in your dream has a third eye, or just one eye, in the centre of the forehead, he or she may be taken as a guru figure representing an inner source of wisdom or (self-) knowledge.