Dreams starting with F


Max Picard remarks, the individual dare not look into the face of another without a tremor, since above all, the face is there to be gazed at by God. Symbol of the mysterious, the face is like an invisible door to which the key has been lost. The Holy Shroud of Turin was the object of an extraordinary adoration.


As the mistresses of magic, fairies symbolize the paranormal powers of the spirit or the extraordinary capacities of the imagination. They can effect the most amazing transformations and in a flash satisfy or disappoint the most extravagant whims. Perhaps they represent the human power to create in the imagination.


Falcons are sometimes depicted hooded. They then symbolize that hope in the light which is nourished by those who live in darkness. They are images of prisoners, of spiritual ardour stifled, of light hidden under a bushel and of esoteric knowledge. The falcon was also the attribute of the god Ra, symbol of the rising Sun.


If the falling is a result of climbing or flying, the symbolism is probably straightforward: having 'got above yourself', you are now paying the price; or the dream may be warning you of possible future disastrous consequences of present behaviour or ambitions - as in the proverbial 'Pride before a fall'.


In many ways, a Father represents the masculine and authoritative natures within ourselves. Appropriately, how we view the behavior of the father figure in a dream, may be reflective of personal feelings about our own 'recent' behavior effecting the society of individuals around us.


Fear is a common theme in dreams and is the essence of what are called nightmares. Its significance may partly depend on what, in the dream, is the object of your fear, but this will nearly always represent something within you.


Because of its 'lighter than air', fragile beauty, the archetype of the Feather indicates wisdom, freedom and peace. As opposed to the collection of feathers which make up a bird's wings and aids in flight, the single feather 'floats' up 'spirit-like' into the breeze.


Together with the olive-tree and the vine, the fig is one of the trees which are symbols of plenty. However, it, too, has its negative aspect. It may also stand for any Church of which the branches have withered away through heresy.


Is it the finger of blame being pointed at you? It may be your father or some other authority figure who does the pointing. However, these usually symbolize internal mechanisms of your psyche, and the blaming they represent is self-blaming.


In each case of intense emotion, we seem to find a reference concerning Fire. In another sense, fire may refer to highest civilization in the form of protection from a cold, wild and decidedly inhuman, landscape. Fire may symbolize libido, passion. Poking a fire may therefore mean arousing passion.


Fish swim in lakes, rivers and oceans, each of which is symbolic of separate states of emotion. Accordingly, we need to analyze where a fish swims, its color, species and behavior, in order to properly determine its significance within our emotional paradigm.


As opposed to floating, Flying represents psychological and emotional power, direction and control. In a dream sense, if we are able to 'steer' ourselves through our dream horizon and landscape, we are indicating successful management over the actions we take in waking life.


Water may symbolize the unconscious. Identify the source of the threat and make some sort of pact with it whereby its demands for expression can be met in a way that will increase the well-being of the total psyche. Water may be a feminine symbol.