Dreams starting with G


In the dream sense, a Game represents psychological and/or physiological competition with another individual or group. Accordingly, we need to interpret what sort of game we are engaged in, how do we perform within that game, and what are the 'stakes' involved in 'winning' this particular game.


In the dream sense, a Garden is symbolic of growth, beauty and nurturing. Because we refer to a garden and not simply a 'field' of flowers, we imply the labor, toiling and love involved in cultivating such resplendence. As such, a garden may be representative of how we view ourselves and moreover, the 'fruits' of our labor.


In the conception of Garlic, we find a potent, absolving agent, which literally conquers anything in its path (including nostrils). As such, ancient men and women hung cloves of garlic on their door to ward off disease and other evils of an unknown, unclean environment. The use of garlic may represent a cautious attitude.


The symbolism of the Gate involves entrance into a visible world. However, while this world or place is discernible, we nevertheless must be welcomed into its confines. As such, we need to prove the merit of our worthiness to gain passage. However, we may come to realize that gates so eagerly crossed, may close behind us.


This graceful creature has always been marked out by its swiftness and its light-footedness, its beauty and its keensightedness, and these are the qualities which have been taken for symbolic use. Thus Indian tradition associates the gazelle with Vayu, Lord of the Wind and of the element Air, as well as with the yogini Vayuvega.


To obtain an all-embracing approach to the symbolism of the gem, such individual entries as crystal, diamond, jade, pearl, stone should be consulted, although admittedly each provides only a facet of the symbol as a whole.


In the dream sense, the complex symbiology of a Ghost, involving memory, guilt, fear or repression, seems highly dependent on the 'personage' of the apparition itself. Celtic folklore is full of ghosts, driven by both good and evil intentions.


The archetype of the Giant may involve a testimony of the human struggle against nature and his other competitors, a battle which was 'won' with man's use of 'brains over brawn'. The Giants could only be overcome by the joint efforts of a god and a man.


In folklore, gnomes are subterranean spirits who guard the earth's treasures. In psychological terms they symbolize whatever is keeping you from your task of entering and getting to know your unconscious (= earth) so as to discover your inner, true self (= treasure).