Dreams starting with I


A dream which reveals a person, place or thing as a direct Image, either on a screen, or in 'thin' air, may be focusing on the meaning of the form of that particular manifestation. This conceptualization of a 'meaningful' shape, may seem strange in this contextual sense. Each and every day we create and modify a particular Took'.


The symbolism of incense derives from the combinations of those of smoke, perfume and of the imperishable resins from which it is made. The trees which provide them have sometimes been taken as symbols of Christ. It is the duty of incense to carry prayer heavenwards, and in this sense it is a symbol of the priestly office.


An Island is defined by its watery boundaries, as such, the effect of its geographic isolation offers a unique set of symbolic images. For example, odd and wonderful life forms which flourish within the confines of an island epitomize creative distinctiveness. Conversely, the circumstance of being 'stranded' all alone on an island.