Dreams starting with J


The symbolism of the Jackal pertains to petty and unscrupulous behavior. As such, in our dream landscape, we may be expressing guilt over devious actions perpetrated. On the other hand, since the jackal is primarily a forager, we may be illustrating an aimless search for something useful, or challenging, in our life.


Like gold, jade is charged with yang, that is with cosmic energy (see yin and yang). As the very symbol of yang, it 'is consequently endowed with a whole collection of solar, imperial and indestructible qualities'. Hence the important role which it played in Ancient China. Its beauty makes jade an emblem of perfection.


Central American Indians thought of four jaguars watching over the four tracks leading to the centre of their villages. This custom may have derived from the ancient Mayan belief that four mythic jaguars at the beginning of time guarded the maize-fields. A stylized pair of jaguar-jaws symbolizes Heaven on monuments.


In esoteric science, the components of jewelry - its glittering gems and metals, chiefly incorruptible gold - are, in the alchemical sense of the word, the 'ripest' of materials, which make them emanations of primordial energy. Chthonian, because they spring from the womb of Earth, in a different context they suggest the drive of the libido.


The journey in the dream may tell you what is actually happening in your life at present, or - less often - how you ought to live. For example, if the journey is a spiral climb and, near the summit, you get confused by the signposts, so that you never reach your destination, this is probably a reflection of a recurring pattern.


Simultaneously symbolizing the three worlds - God, in the sign of Infinity, Man and all the variety of the Universe - he is the point of departure and all that it implies, with all the two-edged weapons given to the created being to accomplish his or her destiny.


This jujube tree has been the object of prolonged discussion by Muslim mystics. It is regarded as marking the frontier beyond which no living creature, not even one closely linked to God, may proceed.


The Greek equivalent of the Roman king of the gods was zeus. The Romans regarded Jupiter as 'the sky-god, the god of light, of the day and of the seasons which he created, as well as of thunder and lightning...'


The eighth major arcanum of the tarot is the first card in the second sequence of seven which relates to the soul and is thus set midway between Spirit and Body. On her head, Justice wears the judge's yellow cap, on which is depicted a solar emblem, and sits on a throne.