Dreams starting with K


What will the key open? A box? A door? In any case, it is a sign either that your unconscious is offering you access to your true self or, more modestly, a solution to a problem, or that life is offering you an opportunity to fulfil yourself or to exercise some hitherto unused talent. An old man with keys may symbolize a deep inner source of wisdom.


In the dream sense, a King may be representational of absolute authority and the apex of social order. As opposed to tyrants or dictators, who lead their respective empires by force and the conquering passion of lust and desire, the heralded king assures tranquility and a code of morality in the ranks of his own dominion.


In a dream a kiss is nearly always a kiss of life, symbolizing bringing to life the neglected side - masculine or feminine - of your personality, or other hitherto unemployed parts of your psyche. Symbol of joining together and of mutual adherence, which took on a spiritual significance from earliest times.


The symbolism of the Knife refers to psychological or emotional separation. The image also may involve some form of release, or personal revelation. As such, the meaning of the knife image is highly dependent upon the action and placement of the sharp instrument itself. Appropriately, a kitchen knife which slices a loaf of bread.


In a dream, a Knight may represent chivalry, courage and honor. In this sense, we find the embodiment of the spiritual warrior, an individual who gathers strength to battle the relentless forces of evil. Therefore, he is able to love and honor a fair maiden, but unable to perform sexual union with the poor girl.