Dreams starting with L


A labyrinth is a symbol of the unconscious. Is there a frightening monster guarding something valuable at the centre of the labyrinth? You must come to terms with the frightening contents of your unconscious if you are to uncover your true self.


A Ladder in our dream landscape, may involve climbing to new heights of reality and/or perceptions, either psychologically or emotionally. The interesting facet of this particular dream image, involves the steep vertical ascent and conversely, descent, of the ladder itself. This physical reality may imply a rapid ascent into our new perception or emotion.


Lakes symbolize the Earth's eye, through which the inhabitants of the Underworld are able to gaze upon humans, animals, plants and so on. Marshes symbolize those eyes which have wept too much. The Gauls regarded lakes either as deities or as the abode of gods.


Today, as in historic times, the Lamb symbolizes peace, innocence and social tranquility. Moreover, because of its wool coat and easy manners, the lamb has provided man with warmth, milk and various other forms of physiological sustenance. Traveling back to biblical times, the lamb's innocence and white fleece combine.


Lamp symbolism is linked to that of the diffusion of light. The lamp, the Zen patriach Hui Neng taught, 'is the framework of light and light is the manifestation of the lamp.' From this derives the 'oneness' of the one with the other which is like that of 'concentration and Wisdom'.


Its habit of rising swiftly heavenwards and as rapidly falling to Earth might make the lark a symbol of the evolution and involution of manifestation. Passing successively from Earth to Heaven and from Heaven to Earth.


Like all evergreens, laurels symbolize immortality, a factor of which the Romans certainly had not lost sight when they made it the emblem of both intellectual and military glory. In the past, the laurel was also believed to preserve from thunder, a quality deriving from the first of these.


Ancient Egyptian priests wore leopard skins during funeral ceremonies. The skin symbolized the genius of Set, the god of evil, the enemy and the adversary of gods and men. Wearing leopard-skin meant that Set had been sacrificed, the adversary defeated, and that the wearer carried about him evidence both of that sacrifice and of the magic power it conferred.


Light, particularly sunlight, is a common symbol of consciousness. Moonlight, on the other hand, might represent the unconscious, the intuitive, the feminine. Light at the end of a dark tunnel may symbolize hope, life after death, or the meaning of (your) life. The complex symbolism of Light, may involve an intricate combination of illumination, warmth and hope.


It may symbolize a 'flash' of insight or inspiration. It may symbolize punishment: 'the wrath of the gods'. If so, you may have a guilt-complex that needs sorting out. However, not all guilt-feelings are neurotic; your dream may be telling you have done something wrong. If lightning strikes you, or something that may symbolize you (e.g. a house).


Although lilies are synonymous with whiteness and consequently with purity, innocence and virginity, becoming, for Jacob Boehme and Angelus Silesius, symbols of heavenly purity, they are, nonetheless, liable to quite other interpretation. In Biblical tradition, the lily is the symbol of election of the beloved's choice.


May represent something in your unconscious that you don't wish to take notice of. Because it is cold-blooded and primitive, the lizard may represent some part of - or some message from - the collective unconscious. The lizard's symbolism might be regarded as deriving from that of the serpent, of which it is a paler version.


Since locust invade land and crops, we may symbolize them as an interruption to the union of man and nature. Locust, like tornadoes, indicate to man that nature, (like man,) has a bad side, and that (that) side, may strike out at any time and absolutely ruin our well being. A devouring swarm of locusts is the very image of a destructive scourge.


In about 587 вс, Thales discovered magnetism through a lodestone, a black and gleaming form of magnetite. The lodestone symbolizes all the mysterious and almost irresistible forms taken by magnetic attraction. It was regarded as being related to lime formed from magnetic dust, with which all individuals were charged like a lodestone.


The Eastern symbolism of the white petaled Lotus, which indigenously occurs in low lying areas, involves an intricate collaboration of tranquility, sensuality and metaphysical transcendence. Furthermore, its connection with calm pools of water illustrate emotional maturity and a serenely feminine union with nature's enlightened blueprint.


Undoubtedly Eros had many lines of descent, being most often regarded as the child of Aphrodite and Hermes. Plato, in his Symposium, says that he has a twofold nature depending upon whether he is the child of Aphrodite Pandemos, the goddess of brute lust, or of Aphrodite Urania, the goddess of spiritual love.


The lyre, the invention of hermes or of Polyhymnia, one of the nine Muses, was, with its marvellous notes, Apollo's and orpheus' instrument and is the symbol of poets. In more general terms it is the symbol and instrument of cosmic harmony. The walls of Thebes arose to the music of Amphion's lyre. In Christian iconography it conjures up active participation in the beatific union.