Dreams starting with O


The use of oil in ritual and in sacrifice is characteristic of the peoples of the Mediterranean Basin and of the Near (or Middle) East, or, to be more precise, of all social groups in which the olive-tree, because it provides both food and light, is especially highly regarded. Directly deriving from this twofold use, oil is at once a symbol of purity.


In Ancient Greece the tree was sacred to Athene. It would seem that graftings from this tree still flourish today on the Acropolis. The olive shares the symbolic properties attributed to Athene, to whom it was sacred. Olives used to flourish on the plains of Eleusis. They were protected and anybody harming them was brought before the courts.


The onion represents the harsh reality of purity, which must in its faculty, eliminate persistent contaminants. As opposed to an apple, or a loaf of bread, an onion will not spoil for an unusually long period of time. Hence, we see how the onion is far stronger than most forms of bacteria.


The otter, which rises to the surface of the water and then dives below it, possesses lunar symbolism and from this derive the properties for which it is used in initiation. Otter-skin is used in initiation societies both among North American Indians and among Black Africans, especially the Bantu of Cameroon and Gabon.


The archetypal symbolism of the Owl involves the keen insight of true wisdom. Furthermore, the owl flying and hunting at night, may suggest its knowledge is amassed from the dark recesses of an enigmatic unconscious. Fittingly, this sapient dream figure may represent a reflection of our own insight.