Dreams starting with P


In the dream sense, Paper symbolizes the physical communication of our modem world. Consequently, huge piles of paper may represent our anxiety about the ‘red tape’ of everyday life. The complexity of maintaining records for a huge society requires mountains of documents, which is why the ‘computer’ age is accompanied by the ‘printer’ age.


Paradise may represent a desire to return to the innocent problem-free simplicity of early childhood. However, this is wrongheaded, because it is unrealistic. The garden of Eden prior to Adam's ‘fall’ represents the oneness and harmony of all things when all things are still unconscious.


Nations at peace and societies at peace are both symbols of peace at heart and are both its consequence. The Heavenly Peace of the Chinese (Taiping) was indeed displayed in the social harmony and undisturbed government of the empire. Yu the Great regulated the world by pacifying Earth and Waters.


Because it blossoms early, the peach-tree in flower is a symbol of Spring. The same line of thought - rebirth and fertility - makes it also a Chinese emblem of marriage. The Momo or festivals held in honour of peach-blossom in Japan seem to reinforce this with the twofold notion of purity and faithfulness - peach-blossom symbolizing virginity.


Pearls have associations with water, shells and the moon (same shape and colour), all of which are symbols of the feminine in its positive, creative aspects. A pearl may therefore signify new life; a possibility of personal growth. In a woman's dream it may even, by its resemblance to a foetus, represent pregnancy.