Dreams starting with R


The archetypal symbolism of Rain pertains to psychological extinction, emotional purification and natural regeneration. As such, our unconscious illustrates the torrential skies as a tearful acceptance of death's transformation into rebirth and the eternal cycle of renewal. Hence, we are continuously cleansed in the new realizations of our psyche.


Occurring after the transfigurative rains, the Rainbow represents hope and reward for prolonged sacrifice. Accordingly, the rainbow is the bridge to personal illumination.


The symbolism of the Rat pertains to shrewd faculties and their corresponding capacity for survival in horrid and utterly reprehensible conditions. Unfortunately, in human beings this instinct may sometimes involve relying on the selfish, backhanded or back stabbing temperament of oneself. A betrayal of allies in order to personally survive.


The color Red is symbolic of intense passions including anger, lust and shame. Moreover, its association with blood manifests deep emotional and spiritual connotations. Consequently, any and all red figures found within the dream landscape may refer to a raise in the entire propensity and fervor of the symbols revealed.


Broadly speaking reeds are taken as symbols of what is fragile as well as what is flexible. The latter is Aesop's reed (as opposed to his oak), the former, perhaps, Pascal's 'thinking reed'. In the Far East, the symbolism of the plant takes two distinct forms. In Shinto mythology the reed equates with the lotus. Mythical Japan was a 'reed-bed'.


Ribbon symbolism is related to that of knots and chains, but its significance is more generally positive even when the ribbon is tied. When a ribbon is tied in a bow it may be given the appearance of a flower.


When a couple is married, Rice is thrown on them to symbolize the acquisition of a new and strong social foundation. As such, rice refers to a basis or cornerstone of human endeavors.


The archetypal symbolism of a metal circle, or finger Ring, involves the eternal shielding, or protection, of mortal human liturgies. This is why a king, magician and ordinary husband and wife all become consecrated with a ring.


Crossing a river in a boat may symbolize either death; or a more or less fundamental change of lifestyle or attitude. Crossing by a bridge may signify a change as above; or it may be a symbol of avoiding a flood of passion.


The twists and turns and ups and downs of the road you are travelling along in a dream probably represent a recurring pattern in your life. Do you ascend but never reach your destination?


A rock may symbolize permanence or antiquity; the most ancient -unconscious - part of the human mind; the foundations or essence of the self. Rocks at sea may symbolize a threat of disaster.


The symbolism of a Rope represents help and the possibility of climbing to new summits in waking life. However, the dreamer may be referring to the tangibility of physical or emotional capture in the embodiment of a rope or lasso.


The rosary is those rows of pearls on a thread, mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita (7: 7), their string being atman on which all things are threaded, that is, all worlds and states of manifestation.


The archetypal symbol of the red Rose refers to passionate desire and/or a deep and mature level of love and intimacy. Furthermore, the unconscious illustration of a bouquet of roses may indicate a grand gesture of hope.


According to Portal, in Classical antiquity rubies were regarded as emblems of good fortune. It was an evil omen if they changed colour, but they would regain their blood-red tint as soon as trouble had passed...