Dreams starting with S


In the Celtic world virtually all fish symbolism was concentrated upon the salmon, which was once a common and abundant food-source among North European peoples. Other fishes - with the exception of the whale for which they used a word borrowed from the Germanic - were practically speaking non-existent and in literature, unless the word 'fish' is qualified.


In the dream sense, salt may represent added flavor and a new found flare in the experience of life. Moreover, in the biblical sense, salt is symbolic of the greatest stature of life itself. Hence, the salt of the earth, represents the very pinnacle of creation. Accordingly, in a dream, salt may refer to increased zest and vigor in ones life.


The complex symbolism of Sand refers to the transient impermanence of being. Moreover, sand may be indicative of the dualism of the microcosm and the macrocosm, representing simultaneously, a single grain of sand and a mighty desert. Additionally, the diverse illustration of comfort offered by a beach and the sudden violence of a sandstorm.


The devil Satan is often depicted as ingenious, deceitful, smooth and entirely full of evil. In this extremity of behavior, we witness how influential this personage can be upon our mortal being. In the spiritual and intellectual sense, this dark demon is able to prey upon us via the large array of our weaknesses.


Contrary to the somewhat superficial views of some commentators, it was only at a comparatively late period that the Romans identified their god, Saturn, with the Greek god, cronos. Saturn's association with King Janus, who appears to have welcomed him to Rome, left behind memories of a golden age and, in this context, he symbolizes the culture-hero.