Dreams starting with T


In the dream sense, a loss of Teeth refers to our feelings about aging and death, especially in a dream involving the loss of teeth or the rotting of teeth. Moreover, the conceptualization of bad teeth may refer to our fears about poverty or inadequacy in a relationship or social situation involving status. We may be illustrating feelings of ineptitude in our occupation.


Temples reflect the world of the godhead built in the image which mortals create of the divine - the ebullience of life in Hindu temples, the moderation of the temples on the Acropolis, the wisdom and love in Christian churches and the marriage of Heaven and Earth in Muslim mosques. They are earthly copies of heavenly archetypes.


Since a house is representative of the self, the image of Termites may well involve forces eating away at the fabric and very foundation of self. The conceptualization of infestation involves a slow process wherein tiny pests, symbolic of obstacles and dilemmas, gradually accumulate into swarms, which eventually cause us unimaginable turmoil.


Remembering the distinction which Antonin Artaud drew between 'the Eastern theatre with its metaphysical tendencies' and 'the Western theatre with its psychological tendencies', we see that this is, in fact, a distinction drawn between a theatre which, as is recognized in India, remains conscious of its sacred origin and of its peculiar function as a symbol.


The universal duties of throne and pedestal are to support the glory or display of greatness either of gods or of mortals. In China, a throne set upon a pedestal signified the separation of the celestial from the terrestrial world and the supremacy of the former over the latter. Hindu thrones were of various natures.