Dreams starting with U


The image of a UFO, or space crafts in general, involves a dire hope for something entirely new in the realm of experience, which hold the key to deliver us from ourselves, in other words, the limitations of our reality. The dream itself therefore, is as complicated as the dreamer's psychological perception of the world.


In the Middle Ages the unicorn was a symbol of power, basically expressed by its horn, as well as of magnificence and purity. These properties recur in Ancient China where the unicorn was the badge of kingship and symbolized kingly qualities. When these were displayed the unicorn would appear, as it did during the reign of Chuen.


This planet was discovered by William Herschel on 13 March 1781 and in astrology stands for the cosmic power which causes sudden, abrupt and unexpected upheavals, interference, fresh creations and progress. Its especial domain is electricity, flight and the cinema. Astrologers regard it as the true creator of the modern world.