Dreams starting with V


The image of the valley carries with it the promise of fertile lands, exaggerated activity and a safe haven for human life. Furthermore, this sanctified geographical womb implies an invitation into sexuality, love and ultimately, family. All in all, we seem to be witnessing a desirable and secure plain of existence.


Symbol of the underlying oneness of life itself, with countless texts and images in every civilization showing the transition from vegetable to animal, to human, to divine - and the reverse process. Trees grow from men's stomachs, women conceive through grains of corn, angels grow out of trees, girls are changed into laurels and so on.


The great importance which Central American civilizations attached to Venus and the Venusian cycle is well-known. In particular, both the Maya and the Aztecs used the planet to establish their calendars, as well as their cosmogony, both in any case being closely connected. The Aztecs computed Venusian years in groups of five.


The dual symbolism of the vulture involves both a struggle for survival and a wish for death. In the dream vision, flying vultures embody a forewarning of our own psychological or emotional death. In this particular case, our demise should be evaded by every method at our disposal. Appropriately, we need to analyze all other elements.