Dreams starting with W


The powerful symbol of the Wall represents personal barriers which seem impossible to cross, penetrate and overcome in general. Unlike a gate or fence, which implies security with controlled accessibility, the thick, ponderous wall neither receives entry nor allows escape. It is both a physical, as well as mental, stronghold.


The image of the magic Wand symbolizes the force of pointed will which bends and in some cases, creates unimaginable potential. The elements of sexuality related to this phallic object date back to ancient times where it was recorded that the phallus routinely transformed into a writhing serpent possessing a semidivine pleasure principle.


In life, a human being is constantly confronting battles of one sort or another. When these battles seem to wage on incessantly without any hope of peace, we may find ourselves experiencing recurring dreams involving War. In such cases, we need to determine who is our enemy and why this person or persons seeks our destruction.


In the symbolic sense, Water refers to the diverse states of our entire emotional capacity. Accordingly, every time water appears in a dream landscape, we represent the fluid, ever-changing and insubstantial characteristics of our own sensitivity. Moreover, clear, untainted water intimates spiritual purity and cleansing.