The meaning of the dream symbol: Falling

1. If the falling is a result of climbing or flying, the symbolism is probably straightforward: having 'got above yourself', you are now paying the price; or the dream may be warning you of possible future disastrous consequences of present behaviour or ambitions - as in the proverbial ‘Pride before a fall’ - in which case your present ambitions are out of tune with your real self, your real capacities.
It is not necessarily a case of conscious self-aggrandizement; indeed, usually one is not conscious of it at all.

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Hence the need for the dream! Selfinflation may be of two kinds: where the ego is ‘possessed’ by some unconscious factor; or where the ego will not deign to pay attention to the unconscious; or both. If you are prone to accidents, these may be symptomatic of an ego that is too much under the control of (unintegrated) unconscious forces.

2. The fear of falling felt in a dream may be symbolic of your real-life fear of letting go.

The anxiety expressing itself in a dream of falling may best be dealt with by letting yourself go with the fall, with a view to both finding out what it is that you are frightened of and finding a way of transforming the anxiety-response into a more positive and creative response. Strephon Kaplan-Williams recommends that you stay with the falling in the dream itself (having prepared yourself to do so beforehand), not wake up before the end of the dream. As a way of preparing yourself to do that, you might try writing out the dream again - or re-living it in imagination - only this time letting the fall complete itself. You may learn a lot from this.

When our emotional or psychological balance is thrown off, because of recent and drastic changes in our life, we may experience a falling away from ‘ourselves’, into an unknown and therefore, terrifying condition. However, the pivotal objective of these dreams seems to emerge in their present application, or performance. In other words, we have not fallen, yet we are in the act of falling. The implication being that we are at the crossroads, betwixt regaining our balance, or falling flat on our face. Therefore, in a dream, our Unconscious may be offering us a symbolic support beam. (If we are wise enough to understand its meaning!) Hence, in clarifying our waking emotional dilemma, in the model of an accurate dream explication, we may be prevented from falling unnecessarily. To help us make this decision we must analyze in what place are we falling, what causes us to fall and what will happen to us if we do in fact fall. Does our falling represent some form of personal failure? Are we moving too fast? Are carrying too heavy of a load? Are we attempting to perform too many tasks at the same time? All of these symbolic references may pertain to our own particular condition. Hence, we must observe our fall in slow motion, frame by frame, until we are able to deliberate EXACTLY what fetor in our waking life has thrown us completely off kilter.