The meaning of the dream symbol: Halloween

Their are two separate representations of the Halloween imagery in our dream landscape, which are nevertheless fundamentally connected. The first concerns our childhood ability to fulfill role playing in the form of costumes and disguises. As such, the child is able to become someone other than him or herself. Moreover, the child is allowed to become anonymous (unknown) and in this pretense, is allowed to throw off the shackles of responsibility and pointed consequence.

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In this sense, the children become akin to wandering spirits who cannot be directly blamed for their deceit. Hence, the game and the playing of the game become one in the same.

The second representation of the Halloween involves the adult regression into childhood, which itself implies a disguise used to avoid the natural obligation and accountability of adulthood. So we see an adult, disguised as a child, who in turn is disguised as an imposter, who in turn becomes an invisible or ghost-like force. Hence, in a very elaborate illustration of continually transcending bodies, we witness the revelation of a repressed desire for unlimited freedom. Perhaps this is why we allow for the democratic release of candies and other sweets to quench the passionate thirst of this newly realized autonomy and its subsequent and nearly anarchistic realization. If only for one night.