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This is a very good time to initiate creative projects, especially those that are highly provocative, controversial, emotive or sensitive. This year favours writing, art, playwriting, etc., that pushes boundaries and aims to shock, thereby creating awareness. Art should educate and inspire, and yet with Aquarians in 2020, you are most successful when you challenge via their art – challenge morals, attitudes, taboos, etc. You can sweep away stigmas and stimulate debate via creative endeavours. Creativity can be a way of assessing deeply repressed needs and desires and giving expression to forces you can feel within you, and yet which you cannot express in day to day life. Art or writing is closely linked to self-discovery and developing a greater awareness of your complexity as a person. There is also an element where the more you express yourself creatively, the more you begin to love and accept those elements of you that you usually hide or feel ashamed about.

2020 is about redefining attitudes and thoughts and revolutionising the way you think or communicate. Some old notions that dominated your life and how you lived it will dissolve away. In some cases, you will have a moment of epiphany, in other cases one little piece of advice could change the way you live the rest of your life. It is time to give up on any emotion (i.e., guilt or resentment) or any thought process (i.e., negativity, self-criticism) that holds you back in life.

This is such a powerful year for ideas: you can use ideas to influence others often on a mass scale, and you can also use those ideas to transform your own life. This is not the year to mark time; you need to make every second count, and you should not suffer fools gladly nor squander your time on anything that is not going anywhere – even if it is friends to family who cajole you into this. Time is precious, and you should allocate your time wisely. The universe will reward careful planning and clever use of resources.

You may begin to realise this year how powerful you can be mentally – it is not about just being smart or academic, it is the ability to use your brain in a way you never knew you could. This could be the start of a new phase for you regarding finding a niche where talents really shine and where you just click in concerning the mental aspect of the job. In all your day to day encounters, you may begin to use your words more carefully; you may choose to present yourself in a way that has more impact, and you will find that small changes can make a big difference in the impression you make.

If you have a mental block against anything or perhaps if you have always lacked confidence in a certain aspect of your employment, this year you can break through that barrier and find you do have the talent and ability to do these things. Aquarians are not people who watch and learn then follow; you always have to find your unique way of doing things, and this may often baffle and confound others, but you need to see things uniquely and develop your own methods that make sense to you – this year you are bolder and confident about your ways and your methods, and they will work for you.

There will be many opportunities for Aquarians who work in science fields and especially research and development in connection with medicines, surgical procedures, minerals, nuclear technology, green technology and forensic fields. In fact, this year accountants may also branch into forensic accounting. In any field of work you may be more involved in investigation, problem-solving and detailed analysis leading to development of models. This is a very exciting year for any Aquarians involved in psychology, psychiatry or any form of human or social behavioural analysis. Of course, this can extend to consumer trend projections and can also be very helpful for those of you who are starting business and need to make demand and supply projections or cost analysis based data you collect.