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It is a very idealistic time in your life where you can envision possibilities that you would not normally entertain, and this allows you to act with a sense of destiny. On a negative side, you can be drawn into taking greater risks than usual this year and you are not always as in touch with reality as you should be – you can get carried away like a runaway steam train.

At times, a devil-may-care attitude or a certain arrogance may mask a degree of insecurity; you may not always feel as invincible as you come across in 2020. Sometimes you may feel quite out of control like a surfer on the biggest wave of his life – your faith in yourself and your Aries trait of allowing nothing to get the better of you will ensure you make a fist of things. This is not a year where you can sit back and feel anchored or even complacent; it's year where you are challenged by both events and by yourself to be creative and no longer satisfied with second best.

You may jump from the frying pan into the fire, but this is not a settled time in your life and change should be embraced and looked at as time to wake up to your needs and your unique role in life.

What you need to be aware of this year, is that you are in control – at many times, it may feel like you are being tossed about on a choppy sea, but you actually have more influence than you think, and so keep pressing on and keep believing that the result you want is attainable.

Aries are not quitters, and no matter what, they tend to want to conquer things and get the better of either people or circumstances that have got them down – the lesson this year is that in some cases the greatest victory you can have is giving up and walking away. They say that insanity is doing the same things again and again and expecting a different result: Aries need to learn this lesson, especially in regards to education, publicity or even religion. If you have been trying certain methods in terms of promotion of yourself or your business, or even if you have looked for fulfilment via a certain religious activity – it may be a good time to let your obsession with these methods go, and try something totally new. If you are at university, you may decide to switch courses or quit to take up a trade, or you may enter university or some form of study as a mature student. You may change religions, or you may become a teacher in some field of interest.

This is a year of turnabouts where something that has caused you great stress or torment can be turned into something that is actually an asset or something of great use to you; in turn, past reliable methods you used in business or within your career may begin to fail, and you will have to banish them in place of new and more progressive modes.

2020 is a year when you can be invited to a position of social or religious leadership, and you will have the ability to influence others and also to inspire others. You will have a platform, and it is up to you to use that creatively to positively affect others - it can also be used to stir up opposition against government or the establishment.

Teamwork and bridge building is very much part of your year, and there is a strong need to focus on building new relationships in business and socially in order to grow and develop personally. You can achieve more in tandem with others, and although as an Aries you enjoy being independent and working on your own or leading, in 2020 you need to surround yourself with people who have complementary skills, and who can help you have a more rounded approach.

This is also a year when you should take the first step in extending an olive branch to those who have crossed you in the past and perhaps moving the situation forward in a way that may have some unexpected dividends in terms of further cooperation.

Aries are extremely creative this year, and those of you in the artistic fields will be very productive and also experience increased joy from your work. This is a fabulous year to start a new creative project, especially those that involve the use of electronic or cutting edge technology, i.e. architecture, interior design, graphic design, music production, film editing and 3D printing.

2020 will be a year for new ideas, involving the use of money and resources in your business or personal life. Changes in the wider economy or reforms in your business sector can provide you with opportunities, and so you need to keep abreast of any changes that affect you - this is a year of being highly proactive and keeping alert - you want to structure your finances so that you are highly flexible and ready to make changes and grab opportunities at a moment's notice.