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Relationships (love, business and social) are both a catalyst for change and a forum for personal development and greater understanding this year. All interactions with others will be complex and challenging in 2020, and you will need a greater awareness of human nature and psychology to get the most from your dealings with others. You will attract new people into your life who will reflect parts of your personality that you are not in touch with. You will also need to be aware of emotions and feelings that you project, and which boomerang back to you in the challenging behaviour of spouses or even children. You need to own your emotions and face up honestly to every feeling and impulse you repress. Cancer are very deep, and it takes some life experience and maturity to understand your complex and very changing nature.

It can be via other people that you uncover parts of yourself you never even knew existed, and it can be via interplay and teamwork with others that you realise what deep inner strength and resilience you have.

Cancer is a sign that looks to the future, but who always brings the past along to slot into that future in a way that creates consistency and a sense of continuity. Cancer are also driven by the beauty and stimulation emotional attachments can bring; you seek to form bonds that last with people who nourish you. Cancer can be shy and wary of others and yet you are not closed, you seek people with whom you can be totally yourself and release your deepest thoughts, and this year you will make some significant new friends (can be a love partner as well) with whom you share a connection. This need not be someone you chat to each day, it may not even be someone you socialise with, it will be someone who you have such quality conversations and interactions with that no passage of time lessens that instant even psychic understanding you have for each other.

2020 is a compulsive year when you are driven to act by a force that often seems beyond your control. If ever you need to move a mountain, the first six months of 2020 is the time as you are determined and able to muster reserves of power and energy you never even knew you had to succeed. Understanding psychological forces at play is vital in 2020, as whatever you are suppressing will return to dog you, forcing you to face up to the issue.

2020 is a year when you have the power to break out of negative cycles in your life, especially to do with relationships – it is time to break the mould and set yourself free of thought patterns and negative messages you give yourself. You can take power back that you have given away either tacitly (by being too easy going and avoiding conflict) or implicitly by allowing others to boss you around and make decisions for you. Your role in the relationships in your life is changing, and you are becoming more dominant and taking a leadership role. Challenges you have faced have made you stronger and more assertive, and suddenly you are far more able to express your needs, and people in your life have to wake up to a new you; a you who wants to lead not follow, and who demands more autonomy and freedom. Your partner or those you deal with daily (and this also applies to business relationships) may get quite a wake-up call, and you may find they are rather difficult as they adjust reluctantly to your new attitude.