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One negative manifestation of the energies this year is the activation of your stubbornness; you can be your own worst enemy by digging in and remaining blind to the obvious. You are given a golden opportunity to change the things in your life that make you unhappy or unsatisfied, and yet you may want to avoid this at all costs to avoid uncertainty and to take a devil you know is best attitude. You should embrace some risk and accept the windows of opportunity that are there or else you risk stagnation. Do not sit back and think that opportunities will come knocking again – they may not, so act now.

Elimination is also a theme for 2020 – but it should never be for the sake of elimination, it needs to be carefully done. You should not cut your ties with people or groups without resolving the issues relating to those groups – you should not walk away, you should work on amicable partings where hatchets are buried and bygones become bygones. It is important in business to consolidate lending, simplify your tax matters and lessen your dependence on borrowing. Try to negotiate lending terms that offer you more flexibility and where you can feel more in control. You may also have to access which social networks or groups take up more of your time than is necessary, and which are vital to your promotional and business efforts. Look at all the cogs and the wheels of your professional life and see which are not contributing and work at eliminating them. Letting go can be a liberating experience as long as you do it in a way that resolves not exacerbates conflict; constructive negotiations, arbitration and dispute resolution processes can work well for you. Elimination should not mean avoidance; don't just bury your head in the sand and think a problem has gone away just because you are avoiding it – you must tackle things head-on.

Personal responsibility is a key element to your success; only you know your wants, needs, desires, weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and only you can ultimately make decisions that will create fulfilment in your life. Reduce your reliance on advice and support from others. Even in medical issues, do not leave it up to your doctor – you know your lifestyle better than your doctor can ever know it, and thus it is you who is in the ideal position to make changes, find health triggers (i.e. allergies) and take your health into your hands by making life-changing dietary or fitness changes. You are your own best psychologist – when we look for advice, we only listen to what we want to hear, even if in our heart we know what we should be doing.

Creatively, you can work in fits and starts, and it is a complex year for those who work in artistic fields, as while you are inspired and imaginative, at times self-doubt may paralyse you. It is important for all artists to have solid skills and techniques to fall back on – it may even be good to attend a refresher course, and if your skills are not strong enough, make sure they are. The insecurity you feel about your ability should propel you to shore up and enhance your set of skills. The surer you are of the basics, the more confident you will feel, so no matter how experienced you are, do not be afraid to learn, re-learn and eliminate anything rusty.