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2020 is terrific for fitness goals, and you are likely to sign up for sporting events and social exercise classes. You are not just mentally active, but also physically active and enthusiastic about physical challenges, i.e. fitness or losing weight. You can be extremely self-denying and dogged when you have a mission, be it a diet or work-related project. So if you have a weight loss goal or a target in terms of money you want to save, this is a great time to achieve those targets. You can be extremely focused, especially from Jan to May, and yet you should not be a workaholic to the exclusion of all else. Try not to become narrow minded and obsessed with details as you can lose perspective of the overall goal right now, and you can also become a victim of severe self-criticism – you have to be able to know when enough is enough and when you have done all you can do.

While you are inclined to take risks at the moment, they will be calculated risks, and you will be weighing up options. You have a serious and structured perception of reality right now, and even your impulsive decisions will be savvy. Major life decisions can be a subject of huge internal debate this year, and you will delay as long as possible, which is the best way as not all the information is yet available, and you are best holding back. This is certainly a year of dilemmas regarding personal relationships, and you may toy with letting some previously close friends go - you may have very mixed feeling about some of those in your circle and may have to acknowledge that some of them are doing you more harm than good and are not true friends.

This is a time to strip away illusions and see things for what they are – if you have been inclined to don the rose coloured glasses and lie to yourself about who you are and where you are going, this year can come as a bit of a bump because reality will hit you hard, and you will have to readjust fast. Do not become downhearted, what is done is done as you have the ability to salvage the situation and make a great new start NOW. If you have been honest with yourself, you will have less of an adjustment to make; you may still have to cut your losses in terms of business or personal relationships. You may have to write off a loan gone bad or concede to a fine or pay a penalty – you are best to write certain things or people off as a bad experience, end the relationship and move on. Admitting defeat and closing a chapter could be the best thing you can do right now to move on and devote your energies to something new and untainted. Resolve disputes, especially about money early in the year.

As the year goes on, you will find that you are challenged to maintain your balance and keep coordinating your efforts to attain goals. It can be hard to keep your head above water, and some of the most reliable aspects of your life may become unstable or unpredictable. You will not be able to count on the people or procedures that you have in the past, and you will have to adapt quickly and start new routines and mores in your life. You will need to juggle many different activities and responsibilities while presenting a consistent approach to others. Even though you may at times feel discombobulated, you will have to keep a stiff upper lip and give off an air of being in control. You will have to transform some of your values and ideas about life to function better given the new circumstances. Managing expectations is also really important as you can go through phases where you are rather reckless and will take a gamble with not necessarily a good percentage chance of a result. Be sure if you do take a gamble that you can absorb the loss.

Sometimes when confronted by an obstacle you can scatter energies in four different directions instead of pooling resources and efforts to tackle the obstacle systematically. At times, you may totally avoid an obstacle until it goes away, and although that will work, it will provide you with more stress than taking it on directly. Do not take a blitz approach and throw everything and anything at a problem – choose one strategy and carry that through to completion before trying another one. You are adaptable right now, and you are open to change; however, your non-unified and often ill-thought-out response can result in that change not being effective or suitable.

The stronger you hold onto something this year, the harder it will be to keep control of it – the secret is not necessarily letting go totally but learning to lessen your dependence on things that are outside of your control, and that can be people, structures or systems. Obstacles and responsibilities that you resent may melt away or lessen in terms of the burden or hurdle they create.