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Leo are not always typically Leo, as shyness is very much part of Leo and many only blossom later in life when they come out of themselves and assume the limelight in terms of leadership or before the public. This is a year when the shy Leo, the Leo who are still waiting backstage can finally take to the stage or connect with their power to lead and to create. This year is wonderful for finding and exploring creative abilities and pursuing courses in subjects like drama, modelling, design, or you may be teaching these subjects instead.

2020 (especially from Jan to July) is an ideal time for planning a big event - this may be a wedding, a launch for your business, a stage production that you are going to take on the road, a welcome home parade, charity drives, fetes or a political rally. Things which you arrange or coordinate will be even more successful if the goal has far-reaching effects, i.e. raising money, raising awareness or education via entertainment. Any promotional event can gather steam and be even more successful than you imagined.

This is an achievement year; leisure is not the overriding theme, commitment to goals and mental resilience is a key attribute, and you will drive forward undeterred to get to where you want to be.

While this year is one that is full of promise and will be one you look back on fondly, you should not allow yourself to take the easy way out and waste money or resources just because you feel invincible. You should make the most of all the business and material benefits this year offers while never forgetting that personal growth and your own evolvement is also an exciting by-product.

Involvement in committees (i.e. parent teacher or the town/city council) may be an avenue you want to go down – it can open the doors to more leadership roles and a greater chance to influence things in your community. If you are in business, you may want to join the local chamber of commerce.

If you are engaged and have been holding off marriage, this is the year to go for it – especially in the spring. It is a highly favourable time to tie the knot. Those of you who are married may want to take a once in a lifetime trip and renew your vows. This also bodes well for 2nd marriages later in life.

2020 is excellent for those of you who like to spread ideas; this may be via teaching, writing or lecturing – ideas that are progressive socially and also those ideas and concepts involving self-help. If you write on and do workshops on positive thinking, religion, personal growth or spirituality, you can be very successful.

2020 is a breakthrough year when you can finally move away from something that has dogged you for many years. It is a time when someone will come into your life and will introduce you to something new – this could be a form of exercise, a diet, a self-help etc.