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Jupiter in Libra will bring excitement and change into your life with the chance to meet new people and learn many interesting things. Your ability to negotiate, communicate and co-ordinate others is enhanced. This year is excellent for team leadership and organising group initiatives. If you are in business selling consumer goods, home decor or beauty products, you can be very successful; however, 2020 is great for all selling and promotion as your people skills and ability to make positive connections with others is favoured. 2020 is ideal for those of you involved in careers where the ability to find solutions by balancing needs and extracting compromises is key.

2020 can bring some far reaching changes regarding family and home. One possible manifestation is moving home, and this move could well involve a move to a new city or even new country. Another possibility is changes to where you currently live in terms of disruptive renovations and improvements. Libra is a sign who enjoy taking over dilapidated buildings and restoring them, and so you may well be involved in the restoration of a run-down property, which you can pick up at a very low price and make a dramatic difference to the resale value. Modernisation is also a theme of 2020, and you may take on other projects where you revamp and improve something to befit today's needs and trends. There will be many changes within your family structure this year - new family members may change the power structure of your family, and marriages, divorces and deaths in your extended family will change the family dynamic. It may also be that children leave the nest or that another family member moves in with you. In some cases, inherited property can be both a burden as well as potentially life changing.

In 2020, you will have to deal with issues from the past that will suddenly crop up right in front of you, demanding to be dealt with; this is an ideal time to rid yourself of demons and consign the past to the past. It is a year of psychological changes, and many events that arise will be cathartic and will enable you to free yourself of any guilt, regret or anger issues from the past. Tony Blair once said, "I have no reverse gear," well none of us do; the future is ours and should not be blighted by dragging negativity from the past into it. Sec the challenges of this year as a chance to put demons to bed and to allow yourself to rush headlong into a better future.

2020 is an ideal time to kick bad habits from smoking, drinking or unhealthy lifestyle choices to bad mental habits, i.e. arrogance and an inability to admit defeat. The catalyst for many of the changes you will go through psychologically will come via choices you have to make and compromises you come to with others. This year is a juggling act where you need to balance your need for self-expression and growth with your family commitments; the choices will not always be easy, and learning where your responsibility to others ends and your responsibility to yourself for your own well-being and happiness begins is key.

Much about 2020 is to do with boundaries: who we are, who we believe we are, and who others believe we are. Sometimes, we don't know the difference between what we believe about ourselves and what others want us to believe, and so many choices that you will have to make this year are designed to give you a clearer perspective on yourself.