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A danger this year is that you may at times act like a mirror, reflecting what others want and need you to be rather than what you want and need to be. In some ways, you may derive pleasure and fulfilment from immersing yourself in another regarding fulfilling their needs or making sacrifices for them. You may gain power through being a caregiver or via playing a support role. You should not look to another to be your salvation or cling to another as a way of gaining an identity. This said, in the short run an affiliation with someone or something can help you gain confidence in your own ideas until you are ready to fly.

If ever you are going to meet a soul mate – this is the year. You may well meet someone who is your missing puzzle piece, someone who fills that gap and makes your life make sense. You have been searching for something to fill a gap, and it has been highly elusive; the gap cannot be filled by anything material, it can only be filled by a certain something that defies logic and description, and this year you will begin to find it.

Marital relationships are in general very productive and mutually supportive – you will both help each other in your careers and success for one of you may well help the other to gain contacts and also achieve faster. This is a great year for marriage partners who work together or are in similar careers. This year is also perfect for wives who need to play a strong support role, i.e., political wives, preachers' wives.

Pisces are finding their assertive side this year and will find it easier to lead and even dominate in certain situations. Those in careers like nursing can well find new opportunities in health administration and management. Pisceans, who have retired from performance careers may set up a dance school, theatre school or even get a position in an arts charity or a senior role in entertainment management. Your administrative skills are very strong this year, and you can organise large scale productions from start to finish.

You will lose your temper quickly this year as you have no time for intolerance or anything small minded, and you can be quite ruthless with people who cross the line regarding socially unacceptable language and behaviour. You can be extremely compassionate, and at the same time, you will be cold as ice to those who cross you or offend your principles.

You can be highly spontaneous this year and will act on impulse – your best decisions are those you make with fast thinking backed up by gut feel.

This year is an extremely powerful one for those of you interested in mystical and spiritual subjects. If you have ever wanted to explore your psychic side, this is an ideal time as your intuitive faculties are supercharged. Studying crafts like tarot, palmistry, divination, runes, the I Ching, Feng Sui or numerology can help unlock psychic powers and also increase your awareness of patterns in your life. This is a wonderful time of self-exploration and of being open to new avenues, but you will be inclined to the alternate rather than the conventional. It is possible you may find an outlet in religion, but it will tend to be a highly specialised branch of that religion. Spirituality and any other group activity that encourages enlightenment through sharing with others and greater acknowledgement of the oneness of humanity rather than individualism is something you can gain from.