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This is a time of responsibility and hard work to ensure a successful climax to projects and to make sure you salvage as much as you can from what has not worked out. You will have less freedom as you cannot run away from things or delegate; you need to be there to see it through - you are the expert, and ultimate success depends on you. Even if things are turning out just as you wanted them to, you could still feel a little restless and may occasionally have doubts about what you are doing - mixed feelings are part of this year, and they are a natural reflection of your perceptions and values changing during the maturing process.

One motto this year could be "be careful of what you wish for" – you can achieve almost anything you set your mind to in 2020, such is your willpower and determination as well as your ability to dig deep and forge through difficulties. However, if the goals are ego driven, they may not taste as sweet or feel as satisfying as if they are more philosophical and stem from a place of overall life development. There is great potential for reward, both financial (regarding securing your future) or gaining respect in society and influence in positions that are prominent and where you can change minds and educate.

This is a year where everything should be seen in a divine context – there is no such thing as failure, there is only learning. Failure is fertile ground in which success can grow, and often failure is the manure; the nourishment that fuels greater ambition and refines abilities and skills. Success and failure now will improve your understanding and awareness, and that is actually more important than the success or failure themselves. The lessons you learn from what you do in 2020 have more relevance than the outcome.

It is best to finish what you have started and neatly tie in loose ends of your former projects before you commit to an entirely new initiative.

Heart health and circulation are key factors regarding health, and you should take care of both by eating fresh foods, especially green leafy veg; cooked tomatoes, oatmeal, salmon and avocado.

At times a "my way or the highway" attitude can isolate you – you need to be aware that you can be a little controlling in 2020; perhaps it is the way your life is, and the way you need to be that gets things done, but you should not lose sight of how that stance can alienate and thus deprive you of support. Learn to rally people around you by bringing them on board and making them feel valued, rather than blinding yourself to the needs and opinions of others.

You have a great deal of fight this year – that makes it a beneficial year for all those involved in sports, military service, special forces or careers like exploration or endeavours involving a high degree of risk.

You can literally move mountains, such is the power of your will and available energy; however, if not directed constructively, it can be dissipated in angry arguments and frustrating and counterproductive outbursts. You will pit your will against others physically and mentally and will have great courage in defending your ideas and rights. It is not a year where you are very compromising; you want to be heard and accomplish aims no matter what. You are undaunted by obstacles and resistant to the advice of those who bear warnings. There is a feeling of destiny in 2020; a feeling that you have to go headlong for something for better or for worse. Sagittarians will not die wondering, as it were; it is one of those times in your life where you just have to jump and find out for yourself what will happen. At times, you will act rashly, throwing caution and common sense to the wind as you act impulsively and almost recklessly. It is like you have a fire in your belly, an unstoppable surge of emotion, calling you to action. It is like you are striking out. If you have repressed emotions and endured frustrations over the past years, this year can be a liberating time where you can give vent to feelings that you have hidden, and express emotions freely and also follow your heart. The more you have suppressed emotions, the more explosive and exciting this period of your life can be – it can also be disruptive, and you may surprise others by your actions.