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2020 is a year of discovery - you will find out more about your desires, your personality, your beliefs and your latent talents than you expect to. 2020 is not humdrum; it's full of awareness of the universe and your unique life plan. Often we feel alone and isolated in life, but this year is all about the connectivity – and feeling that bond of shared experience with others.

It is a year where you will feel buoyant and on top of things; the impossible will seem possible, and moving mountains will seem like a challenge, not a fearful experience. Other people you associate with can have a powerful effect on you and can help propel you to greater things via the faith they have in you.

This a very good year to invest: especially in long-term investment opportunities. Even if you have worked in a job for decades, there maybe changes this year. The idea is for Scorpio to develop new attitudes to work, where you are happy to do temporary placements, retrain, relocate, work different hours or do two jobs. Our grandparents used to think that a job for life was something we should all aim for, but in 2020 there is no longer such a thing as a job for life as industries emerge and die quickly, and working practices have changed due to the internet, outsourcing to third world countries and automation. We all need a multi-faceted approach to earning money, i.e., having a nine-to-five job, but earning money from home part-time alongside your day job; or if you are self-employed but do several different roles or run two separate businesses. It is very good for Scorpio to use their talents to open up new earning opportunities; you are highly enterprising right now and very aware of how to use your talents and the resources you have to make money.

Scorpio are loners, we all know that; however, this is a year when you can successfully network with like-minded people to get you closer to lifetime goals and aims. 2020 is also ideal for forming groups and societies to either do studies (i.e. scientific studies) or push for changes in society. It is certainly an excellent year for Scorpio with political aims – you can influence those in your party and draw more followers to your causes.

This is an intellectually fruitful and exciting year – you can make links and find connections between things one would never think of bringing together, and by that you can come to some interesting solutions and conclusions. Scorpios in academia can write highly acclaimed peer-reviewed studies. For those of you who study anthropology, economics, space science or any subject where you look at concepts either scientific or psychological that shape and direct the human race, there can be great leaps regarding your research or work.