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Money is a very big issue this year - not so much a worry, but you will have to be financially savvy in terms of investments, pensions, insurance and taxes. Financial planning is something you should devote some time to – you need certainty right now as your security needs are greater than they usually are, and so you can gain peace of mind by making some sound choices and getting more organised financially. You should also try and tie your employer into a long-term contract or look to find employment with a large company that can offer you benefits and job security. This is maybe not the best year to start a career where you are self-employed or freelance as you may not enjoy the fluctuating income streams. If you are already self-employed or are a manager, be risk averse and stick to tried and tested methods.

Common sense and good judgement are fundamental to all your decisions this year - you have a great appreciation of fairness and justice and are both cooperative and compromising. In business, your decision-making is very organised, and you can take on a great deal of information and make practical use of it. Your methodical and pragmatic approach can solve many problems, and you can provide leadership in intellectual and business matters, especially involving sales and contracts.

This is a year where you must focus on finishing - make sure tasks you have already begun are completed and that everything you begin gets followed through. You will be starting many new short-term projects, and at times you may have to divide your attention between many different things, as this is a fast-paced year with many developments in your life, which can be both stimulating and disruptive. It is best to use the first three months of the year to tie up projects from last year and get through your to-do list systematically. Do not put anything off until later in the year as things will only get busier.

Major changes are happening in your life little by little, and so the smaller details are part of a very important whole, and nothing should be dismissed as unimportant.

You need to be flexible this year, and you should not take anything as read as things can change up until the last minute, and this can throw you no matter how well prepared you are. You will have to ad-lib your life and must allow yourself leeway to adjust. Things within your social life and with your children are particularly vulnerable to change and fluctuating circumstances. If you work in the arts, politics or in careers where coordination with like-minded groups is important, you will have to be especially flexible as events in your industry may contain an unusually high degree of uncertainty. Taurus are finding uncertainty challenging this year, and yet with some forethought you can not only muddle your way through but excel.

This is a powerful year for Taureans who communicate or teach as you can make use of an appealing manner and an ability to convey concepts to a wide audience to great effect. 2020 is also very opportune for Taureans whose voice is a vital asset, i.e. radio presenters, singers, public speakers, voice over artists, lecturers and an excellent year to branch into those fields as an addition to what you currently do.