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In 2020, Virgo will show far more guile and can be more gregarious in new scenarios; both socially and regarding career. You will be able to embrace change and face new beginnings with more confidence and leadership. Your enthusiasm and positivity this year is high, and this make you a very effective teacher and leader; you will also promote honesty and integrity in your work and business. You can achieve a large volume of work and can reform attitudes wherever you go to create an environment where people can work together more effectively and productively.

You may well find yourself involved in new initiatives (for profit or pleasure) involving new trends in health and fitness, especially when it comes to literature and spreading information.

Virgos can offer both financial or practical support to medical institutions and charities - you may volunteer at children's hospitals or animal rescues, and you can also be instrumental in beginning groups to support people with particular medical ailments or issues. There is a strong theme about self-help in terms of diet and psychological development running through this year – you may be finding new ways to deal with your own health or psychological issues, or you may be at the forefront of writing about, researching, collating data or teaching methods for self-improvement, problem-solving or personal growth.

2020 is ideal for formulating business models, especially about goals that are very people orientated, particularly when it relates to children.

Education and qualifications are vital to your strategy this year, and you will take courses, especially if they give you a chance to add letters to your name or an extra category to your CV - it is not education for the sake of learning, it is about enhancing your credibility in terms of your respective clients and employers.

Virgo are very good at achieving goals when they set their mind to it, and this year you have excellent mental focus regarding envisioning and setting yourself a goal and then driving on towards it in a linear way with great determination. You are superb at devising long-term strategy regarding practical issues and financial and logistical hurdles.

There is a liberalisation in your viewpoint this year, with you becoming more tolerant and more accepting; this will help you to see opportunities that you would not have considered before, and which can open many more doors for you.

2020 is also about the strengthening and even reforming of your faith and beliefs. If you had beliefs imposed on you as a child, now is the time to begin to think for yourself about whether those beliefs are now just habit or if they hold a deep value and meaning for you. You may want to look at your beliefs and think about what value they add to your life and how they have changed as you have changed over time. This may lead you to adapt your beliefs or adopt new ones that say more about who you are now. This is also a time to connect with those who share your beliefs, i.e., other people who are spiritual, other people who are all about science, people who believe in a certain religion. Many Virgos may discover a new religion, i.e., Buddism and convert this year. On the other hand, you may become more interested in the science of evolution, and the theory of everything. You have a strong need for meaning in 2020, and that may manifest as deeper interest in the philosophical side of life.

In all aspects of life where you pursue a dream or something that moves you on a very personal level, you must maintain a degree of scepticism as sometimes this year you can lack discrimination. Sometimes when you get very involved and inspired by some mission (personal or professional), you can lack some practicality, and you can lay yourself open to being taken advantage of. You must be very critical, even if you desperately want to believe in something. You should also maintain a cool exterior, do not let others know how much something means to you. You may be too open at times, and you do need to play your cards closer to your chest and be more coy about your aims and ambitions.