The meaning of the dream symbol: Image

A dream which reveals a person, place or thing as a direct Image, either on a screen, or in ‘thin’ air, may be focusing on the meaning of the form of that particular manifestation. This conceptualization of a ‘meaningful’ shape, may seem strange in this contextual sense. However, each and every day we create and modify a particular Took’ which we hope speaks volumes about our character, or active characteristics. This image represents who and what we would like to be associated with, either directly or indirectly.

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In other words, we present an image of self, roughly matching our internal hopes, passions and drives. This rule does not simply hold true for persons who dress well or fashionably, but also to casual, traditional or simply uninterested styles of appearance.

Every appearance, like it or not, is appraised by society, along with physical mannerisms and articulation; the slang of our speech. Being aware of this basic tenet, our speech, manner and dress usually conform to one another, creating a basic image of self. Accordingly, in a dream, a viewed image reveals the psychological meaning within an exposed person. As such, our Unconscious may be referring to the connection between our inner self and the self we expose to society. Are the two coinciding, or are we disguised and therefore, hiding from our own beliefs and/or desires. Conversely, if the image uncovers a person known to us, we may need to compare this image with the clear image we know of that person.

The dream image may represent our own desires placed upon the form and subsequently, the psyche of that person. In this sense, we may be recreating this individual to fit into our own desired projection of our relationship. Moreover, this reworking of another, may reflect a yearning for that particular human being to become more involved in our own life and lifestyle. Can we separate the truth of self from the image of self?