The meaning of the dream symbol: Lark

Its habit of rising swiftly heavenwards and as rapidly falling to Earth might make the lark a symbol of the evolution and involution of manifestation. Passing successively from Earth to Heaven and from Heaven to Earth, it links together the two poles of existence and acts as an intermediary.
Thus the lark stands for the marriage of Heaven and Earth since it flies high up into the sky and nests at ground level among scraps of dried grass. Its flight into the bright dawn light suggests youthful enthusiasm, ardour and happiness in being alive. By contrast with the nightingale, its song is a song of joy.

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The lark in the morning sunshine symbolizes the human drive for happiness. To mystic theologians the lark’s song symbolizes pure and happy prayer rising before God’s throne.

The Gauls regarded the lark as a sacred bird and throughout the long history of French folklore it has remained a bird of good omen, sometimes even used in charms. 'Whoever carries about his or her person real lark’s legs or models of them cannot be harrassed; this charm will overcome the forces of man and nature alike’.