The meaning of the dream symbol: Magic

Magic may symbolize a power stronger than your ego: some (good or bad) unconscious force.
The symbolism of Magic refers to illusions, surprise and impossible feats of reality. Accordingly, in a dream sense, a magic act may represent an enactment of the seemingly impossible. In other words, we may be expressing extreme self confidence or conversely, a delusional sense of our superreal personal ability. In either case, we may be illustrating (via compensation) a basic fear of failure. We may have a deep insecurity about being labeled ‘ordinary’. However, magic, or witchcraft, involves our ‘shaping’ of the world.

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In the (up to date) elaborations of modem physics, we learn that the world exits in our perceptive awareness and memory of that world. This implies, that a so-called ‘hard’ reality is actually our fundamental perception of that ‘hard’ reality. A world can only be perceived through the lens of Self. Therefore, when we combine our aspiration, imagination and insight, we approach a reality with fortitude, confidence and faith in its inclusive completeness, we celebrate the ‘magic’ of being. Furthermore, we realize that we are a working part of reality’s construction. When we believe in the highest purpose of ourselves we ‘work’ the highest magic in existence. Casting spells simply involves projecting the confidence of an infinitely potential existence.

When we become aware of the infinite measure of reality, we become modern-day magicians combining reason, faith and (what is today called) personal power. Appropriately, we need to analyze the nature of the magic involved and all the characters effected by our respective magic. We need to deetermine whether or not we wish to cast these spells? Is our ‘manipulation’ of the world really warranted? Are we prepared to dabble in a magic which already old us steady in its limitless sway?