The meaning of the dream symbol: Mailbox

In the dream sense, a Mailbox may represent expectation, desire and hope. Furthermore, the mailbox may be compared to a womb which accepts the combination of procreative life and delivers a new life into truest fruition.
Each day we explore the confines of the mailbox to find news which may change our reality and hence embody our physical, emotional and/or psychological rebirth. We wish to hear news from ‘outside’ our immediate field of experience. Are we dissatisfied with our present community, or our relative social position within that community?

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Do we feel trapped by the geography of our physical existence? We must remember that the psyche’s truest geography exists and is created from deep within oneself. In this sense, we must understand our needs and our desires.

What, or whom, are we searching for? What do we wish to accomplish? Must the reward of our accomplishments come from outside our own field of experience? Why? Do we feel our friends and family limit us by casting us into one particular ‘shade’ of existence? Must we break the role of our peers? We may find that ‘individual freedom’ can be its own reward, and ALL societies (even our very own) are made up of unique collections of individuals.

Our mailbox dream may be reminding us to experience the truth (not of an outside world) but rather right here at home with our friends and neighbors. The Unconscious tells us, the news is not in the mailbox, but (right here at home) within ourselves. To this significant end, we need to interpret the color, condition and naturally, contents, of the dream mailbox. We will often find it empty, for this very honorable reason.