The meaning of the dream symbol: Marble

In the dream sense, articles constructed of Marble, may symbolize fragile beauty, inspired artistry and superhuman eternal adoration. As such, we need to determine the form and/or character depicted in the contour of the marble. If the sculpture is recognized as someone we know, we may be expressing an everlasting fondness for this individual, tinged nevertheless, with a personal estrangement from that person.

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Perhaps the person has grown larger than life in the grandiosity of his or her own self-perception and pretentious exploits, and hence negated our admiration. Conversely, if we ourselves become marble statues in a dream landscape, our Unconscious may be illustrating a well-defined mockery of our own overblown ego. We may need to eradicate this particular image of ourselves by replacing it with the proven operation and fulfillment of our true goals and aspirations. We are not immortal in this world. Eventually, (akin to marble sculptures,) we must all turn to dust and continue the great cycle of life.

Sculpture represents the immortal spirit of man, but never man himself. Only an icon can fulfill the ‘best’ meaning of an ancient memory. Moreover, we must remember never to worship false idols, especially if those idols happen to be ourselves.