The meaning of the dream symbol: Nature

The conceptualization of nature involves everything which is untouched by man and is (in this logic,) virginal. Moreover, the wilderness which underscores our primal beginnings, illustrates the harshest truths of reality: including and especially, our ability to survive on our own. Taken together, we find a representation of resilient integrity which fights and otherwise wards off, all forms of man-made, and hence unnatural, personal contamination.

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The question we must ask ourselves is a simple one. Is our knowledge of self strong enough, and dedicated enough, to fend off civilization’s contamination of our natural self. In this sense, have we become dependent upon technology? Conversely, is our own disrepect of nature a subliminal act of our own self destruction? Are we examining Freud’s theory concerning ‘The Death Instinct’, in which the famous analyst postulated that an exclusive aspect of man’s consciousness actively attempts to destroy (the man) himself?

Clearly, when we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves. We observe Freud’s theory in action when we witness how this obvious statement seems to allude so many (apparently rational) human beings. Accordingly, we need to analyze our interaction and appreciation of the natural environment revealed in the dream landscape. Do we fear its unknown potential for danger, or do we welcome its delicate fruits and unspeakable miracles?