The meaning of the dream symbol: Neptune

In this article we treat only two interpretations of the astrological symbolism of this planet. In astrology Neptune embodies the principle of passive receptivity displayed equally in inspiration, intuition, mediumistic powers and paranormal faculties as in unworldliness, madness, aberration and irrational fears.
It is for this reason that his House is in the psychic sign of Pisces, which some have christened the Hospital of the Zodiac. This planet rules the subconscious and brings on mental illness, depression and neurosis.

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On the social plane, it has a marked influence upon Anarchism and its opposite number, Communism, upon irrational or surrealist movements and also upon the police. Under its influence, too, are gases, mainly the toxic ones, narcotics and radiation (including radiology, broadcasting and television). When first sighted by Le Verrier on 23 September 1846, Neptune was in the sign of Aquarius, which traditionally rules Russia; and the Soviet Union is supposed to have been particularly affected by its influence. The Soviet denial of present comfort for some future state of bliss, its sharp contrasts, propaganda, policies, foolhardy social and scientific experiments, its atheistic or religious mysticism, all were deeply tinged by Neptunian influence.

Throughout the wide gamut of all his different guises, whether like Titea he stands for primordial slime, First Matter, primeval waters or the dust of cosmic infinity and ultimate fusion, Neptune is the archetype of universal integration or dissolution. It may comprise lack of differentiation from the group, or attachment to some superior order, identification, contemplation, communion. This may devolve at one extreme into the twilight state of the comatose or the schizophrenic, afflicted with total confusion, unrestrained attachment and the incomprehensible blackness of ego and non-ego mingled together, and, at the other, into the saint’s ecstasy or the yogi's samadhi, through the intermediate stages of clairvoyance, a sort of probing of the cosmic unconscious, prelogical thinking and surrealism. The Neptunian process is the expansion of awareness beyond the self, response to the soul-music of group, race or class; participation in the community, attachment to the rhythm of time, alignment with an infinity of cosmic subjectivity, becoming one with the universe so that all streams flow through one’s own veins, all fires burn in one’s own body, the hearts of all mankind beat in one’s own and the star which twinkles within one revolves with all the galaxies.