The meaning of the dream symbol: Night

Night is a common symbol of the unconscious; the 'dark' other side of your personality; the primitive or negative (‘evil’) aspects of yourself.

A night journey, and especially a sea journey, may symbolize a ’journey’ into the unconscious, or the process of individuation, or its second phase.

If moonlight is in evidence.

The complex symbolism of night involves mystery, danger and erotic seduction. Accordingly, when our dream landscape takes on a nighttime flavor, we may be alluding to darker and decisively concealed aspects of own nature. Hence, the image of night may allow for a smooth reappearance of repressed desires and impulses. Furthermore, this escape from the scrutiny and exposure of light, may reveal a creative faculty which has been ignored, or otherwise pushed aside, by the pressures of our day to day reality. Hence, in our dream, the star-filled skies of night, may provide a safe haven for our ancient and articulate passions, alive and well in the pool of our unconscious memory.

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