The meaning of the dream symbol: Ogre

In myth, an ogre is a huge, brutish creature who happens to eat human beings. Nevertheless, the ogre is not literally evil, but simple-minded and animallike. Consequently, he eats human beings because they are significantly smaller than himself, and thus, easy prey. As such, in the dream sense, the image of an ogre may represent our own unintentional, yet nonetheless, cruel behavior. For example, an elementary school teacher who harshly admonishes a tiny child for disobedient behavior, may dream herself as an ogress terrorizing a wayward human being who foolishly crosses her path.

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The ogres of folktale are reminiscent of Giants, Titans or cronos. They symbolize blind and greedy force. Ogres need their daily ration of fresh meat and a Hop o' my Thumb easily tricks them into eating their own daughters.

The ogre symbol is therefore connected with that of the monster which swallows and regurgitates its victims in a metamorphosis from which they emerge transfigured. In the context of Cronos and monsters, the image of the ogre may be classified with the traditional myth of time and death:

All that is derived from physical birth serves momentarily to sustain the Immortal Spirit, but is doomed to annihilation. Only through the co-operation of Time was Earth enabled to give birth to the visible shapes of the universe on the six planes of physical life, but it is Time's task to undo this work. Time is half the fate of forms, unless the Immortal Spirit snatches up one of his creations to make it immortal. It was thus that Cybele managed to save some of her children whom she made gods.